In running a 24-hour time-in system, players can experience a continued scenario / storyline that challenges with puzzles, conflict, intense role-play and opportunity for any individual to make a difference.

We look after our players. We seek out venues that will help immersion into a Cthulhu-esque environment whilst being relatively accessible by both road and rail. All the crew are seasoned role-players so understand the needs for good accommodation and food, thus provide all of this within the game 'price'.

  • Food: so long as booked in reasonable advance, all diets are catered for
  • Accommodation: dry. warm. indoor [usually...] - you provide a sleeping bag and ideally a cover to keep appearances of the game 'venue'
  • Reasonable price: Venue hire, food costs and crew expenses are paid for out of the ticket for the event which we keep to the tightest margins.



One of the main complaints we have heard over the years is immersion being broken by having to find someone to ask about 'x' or to achieve 'y'... AHE seek to create as 'real' an environment as possible.

Yes, there may be times when something will have to be announced out-of-character but, generally,
after the safety announcements and introduction at the start of the game, players are given the system and world to play within. The crew watch, advise if necessary whist in character and the game progresses.

Skills are facilitated with IC-looking information folders, the infrequent combat is brutally role-played and often fatal to those involved. It is not a combat-based game, but one of investigation and thinking.

Yet this is not a game for those who want comfort.

This is a game that will challenge continually in a seemingly dangerous environment which, in reality, has first aiders on site, a safe space for out-of-character needs and a writer who checks every player's health requirements before finalising the plot.
We aim to scare the character
being played, not the player. Of course, if you are fully in character...


All Hallow's Eve Games, or 'AHE' , has been running games for since its creation in 1997, both for private events and for people to have fun whilst being scared...

A non-profit organisation that prioritises the atmosphere and game-play over exploiting the players, AHE runs LARP [Live Action Role Play] events with two key differences:

  • 24 hour time-in
  • A ref-less system

Priding itself on both of these key aspects, the crew work tirelessly to ensure that players have fun in a safe, yet challenging environment.

After all, its no fun if it seems too safe...